The Gods
Must Be
C R A Z Y - IV-1

Gods Must Be Crazy IV

Also Known As:
     Yankee Zulu
     There is a Zulu on my Stoep


The Internet Movie Database Ranks it 4.3 out of 10

Cover Art from the English language VCD.

This disk is in VCD format. This is an earlier format than the current DVD; it can be played on most DVD players, and on PC's (we suggest X-VCD Player software - Free from

There are two movies, completely different, that claim to be The Gods Must Be Crazy Part IV. This one is also known as Yankee Zulu. It takes place in Africa and has a completely different set of actors. The other Part IV takes place mostly in Hong Kong but uses the same little bushman actor along with a Chinese supporting cast.

This movie stars Leon Schuster, who also shares writing credit with the director, Gray Hofmeyr. Mr. Schuster has some renown as a South African comedian, and this is usually considered to be his best movie. Filmed in South Africa, the plot concerns a race for a missing lottery ticket. The ticket was stolen from a Neo-Nazi by one of the co-stars. Much of the humor is racially based when the two leading men use makeup to change their race, the black to white and the white to black. They then fall right back into the hands of the Neo-Nazi's who don't recognize them and try to get them to join their cause. There are a couple of kids that help to lead the bad guys astray. And just as you know it will, the good guys triumph over the bad. Terri Treas, better known as Cathy Frankel in the TV series Alien Nation, is the Neo-Nazi's wife and co-leader of the group. She's certainly a sexy wench in her black leather Nazi outfit. I've read that this is a very typical South African comedy. The reviews that I've seen give it about five stars out of 10. Those reviewers from South Africa rate it much higher, saying that this is how South African comedy is done, coarse and somewhat crude. The reviewers that hate it seem to do so on racial grounds. Strange how changing gender (Tootsie, Some Like it Hot) is OK, but race changing isn't. I laughed from beginning to end, as did the people watching it with me.


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Cover Art from the VHS version.

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