C R A Z Y Hong Kong

Also Known As:
     Crazy Hong Kong
     Crazy In Hong Kong
     Gods Must be Crazy in Hong Kong
     Heonggong ya fungkwong - Cantonese
     Xianggang ye feng kuang - Mandarin


Vanessa Dodd Good Summary.
Andrew Saroch Rates it a 3 (I don't know out of how many).

N!xau having been given a coke bottle with an artificial bird inside thinks that it is a real bird and must be set free. Here he discusses what to do with the rest of his village. This is the trigger that leads him to further adventures in Hong Kong.

This is, in my opinion, the best of the later, non-Jamie Uys movies. The first movies existed on a theme of culture shock. This one does the same.

In the first movies our favorite bushman faces culture shock as he meets up with civilization. But the civilization in the first movie is not too far from the bushman's normal life - walking distance anyway.

In this movie the bushman gets hit on the head (by a coke bottle of course, what else could it possibly be?), is knocked out, conviently falls into a piece of luggage and wakes up in Hong Kong. Now that's real culture shock. How do you get a drink of water? What do the pre-1999 British police think of this fellow walking around the city in his loin cloth carrying his bow and arrow? Then there's the American gangsters chasing him around the city to recover the sack full of diamonds that he has picked up by mistake. And there's the Chinese girl who thinks he a pretty good looking fellow.

About 1993, a company in Florida (I think) named Substance produced a version dubbed into English and in DVD format as well as VHS. Substance later went bankrupt. Their remaining inventory was purchased by Jef Films. I attempted to buy their remaining inventory, but was told that it was destroyed in a fire. Once in a while copies of this film in either VHS or DVD are listed on Amazon.


Amazon.com - VHS
Internet Movie Database

Cover Art for the Chinese language DVD

Cover Art for the Chinese language VCD

This movie was first put out in VCD format. This is an earlier format than the current DVD and not as good, it can be played on most DVD players, and on a PC (suggest X-VCD Player software - Free from www.xequte.com). Now it has been converted to DVD format.

It appears, however, that the DVD was simply converted from the VCD. This is unfortunate because the quality of the DVD would have been much better if it had been made from the original. But perhaps the original is lost.

Newer Cover Art for the Chinese language VCD

Cover Art for the Thai VCD

Cover Art for the English VHS tape.

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