The Gods
Must Be
C R A Z Y - I

IMDB Entry Rates 6.7/10
Roger Ebert Calls it a nice little treasure.
David Nusair He likes it too.
Patrick Naugle He doesn't. Perhaps the best summary of the movie.

This is the one that started it all, yup, the coke bottle from the sky. I'm not going to describe the movie. I don't imagine that you'd be looking at this page if you hadn't seen it at least a half dozen times. The summary in the link above is probably better than I can do anyway.

The movie was an international smash hit. Something about the demeaner of the bushman, the bumbling scientist, the city wise school teacher hit a responsive chord all around the world. Nearly everyone in nearly every culture enjoyed it. Those who don't like the movie offer a variety of reasons.

There's a faction that complains about the movie technically: the dubbing of English, the cinematic tricks showing things like the fast frame action when the goat hearder runs away on his bicycle. Yes, these things are correct, and perhaps with a big budget film it could have been done better. Then again, the big budget films have so many committees looking after everything that I doubt the movie could have been made at all. And if it was, it would have been so toned down that it would loose all of its effect. It's certainly not a politically correct movie.

There's another faction that complains about the way the races are shown. This group says that the way blacks are treated is stereotypical. They say that showing them as inferior, simple minded people is to rob them of dignity. And finally they say that this is simply not the way life was for the tribal bushman. Yes, this is probably true also. But lighten up guys, this is just a movie. I'm reminded of a comment John Wayne about western movies on a TV tribute to the director John Ford, "[He] showed the west not as it was, but as it should have been." In real life it must have been hell to live in the Kalahari. Life was short, brutal and nasty, life expectancy was not good. There was malaria and teste fly born sleeping sickness. And all this was before AIDS, and multi-drug resistant tuberculosis. Lighten up folk, this is only a movie.

Finally there's a group who simply say that it isn't funny. OK, you guys don't have to watch it.
My husband and I have been a fan of this movie for most of our 25 year marriage. In fact, one scene in this movie has been a debate between us for many years. When the rhino runs to stomp out the camp fire, I reconized that scene and said "I have heard of that, they really do that." He laughed at me. I was serious, I knew for sure that I had heard something about it. His evil older sister bought me a stuffed rhino, to demostrate how silly I am for believing it. Well, every now and then I will get a bug and search for an answer and today I found it. The San Diego Zoo had some funny facts about rhinos listed, see below:

"Do rhinos really put out fires in the wild? This is a popular legend that has inspired scenes in movies, descriptions in stories, and even the names of fire-fighting units, but there have been no actual recorded accounts of this happening."

I have been proven wrong, which is OK because I knew I had heard it somewhere. This proves I am not the only one who heard it or that I am not CRAZY, like the Gods.

           -- Cindy Lowell


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