The Gods
Must Be
C R A Z Y - II

Chris Hicks He likes it.
David Nussair He gives it a pretty good.
Jeff Ulmer Not as good as the first.

Sequels are difficult to do well. In the first movie you have the shock effect of this character coming out of the bush and being challenged as he meets up with civilization. That had been done, so another theme had to be devised. Keeping on the same culture shock theme, Jamie Uys turns the situation around backwards and puts the culture shock on the part of a female New York attorney stranded in the bush with a scientist. In the first, the scientist was the klutz, here it's the female.

Technically the movie is a lot better. A lot bigger budget because of the success of the first movie gave the film makers more opportunities for things like special effects. Of course the special effects are not nearly what they are today. After all this was still a low budget film and special effects capabilities simply weren't then what they are now.

I honestly haven't decided if I like this one as well as the first, or perhaps even better than the first.


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