C R A Z Y - Safari

Also Known As:
     Vampires Must Be Crazy
     Fei zhou he shang


The Illuminated Lantern He likes it.
Asian Movie Review Site He ranks it kind of medium.
Internet Movie Database Ranks it 4.6 out of 10.

This is a strange movie. After The Gods Must Be Crazy II, Jamie Uys sold the rights to further productions to Billy Chan in Hong Kong. This movie was filmed in Cantonese (dubbed into English and into other languages) and combined the African bush venue with Mr. Chan's earlier concept of the Chinese Hopping Vampire - yes, vampire.

It's not the first, but one of the earliest Chinese Hopping Vampire movies. Lam Ching Ying who plays the Taoist master in this movie made almost a career of fighting vampires. He really does a fine job of playing this role straight faced with a mixture of deadpan face as he does magic. After all, you need magic to control vampires.

Do not confuse this with the best movie you've ever seen, but if you like strange slapstick comedy with the same culture shock effect of the earlier movies, but this time it is the Chinese monk trying to get along in the desert culture. Well, you can pretty well bet your friends haven't seen it.

In addition, like with the earlier Gods Must Be Crazy movies, there are several alternative story lines. There's the cameo appearance of Bruce Lee, and the British lady who has captured the native girls as slaves, then there is the diamond mine, the coke bottles. Yes, the coke bottles, In this movie, and in the next two (yes, there's a more - In fact consistent with The Gods Must be Crazy, there are two entirely different movies that had other titles but then were marketed as to be Gods Must Be Crazy III, IV, & V).

In this movie, there's this ancient Chinese mummy being auctioned in London. The master wakes up the mummy and they are trying to take it back to the ancestral burial ground in China, the plane goes astray, and they bail out, right over the little bushman's village - of course.

In summary you can say that this is an African/Chinese culture shock, martial arts, slapstick, Chinese Hopping Vampire comedy.


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Cover art from the English Language VCD/DVD.

This movie was first put out in VCD format. This is an earlier format than the current DVD and not as good, it can be played on most DVD players, and on a PC (suggest X-VCD Player software - Free from www.xequte.com). Now it has been converted to DVD format.

It appears, however, that the DVD was simply converted from the VCD. This is unfortunate because the quality of the DVD would have been much better if it had been made from the original. But perhaps the original is lost.

Cover art from the Chinese Language VCD.

This disk is in VCD format. This is an earlier format than the current DVD, it can be played on most DVD players, and on PC (suggest X-VCD Player software - Free from www.xequte.com).

The Real Gods Must Be Crazy III? - Just after the death of N!xau, the South African production company that did I and II said that they had been in the planning stages for a Gods Must Be Crazy III that would have stared N!xau. I've heard nothing further. Are they still planning and thinking about another actor or did they scrap the idea? Stay Tuned!

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