K W A C C A   Strikes Back   - (Maybe)
     Kwacca Strikes Back - (Maybe)

Is this really a movie? I'm not quite sure.

In at least one of the obituaries of N!xau they say that after the success of the first two movies N!xau made three movies in Hong Kong, and a movie in Japan."

Beyond this, I've seen casual references to a Japanese movie, but I've not been able to find out anything definite. I'd especially like to know where to get a copy.

One reader of this site says that he found a reference to this Japanese movie and that it was called Kwacca Strikes Back with N!xau. I've asked a couple of contacts I have in Japan - no answer. I've asked a couple of Asian movie importers - they've never heard of such a movie. The reader referred me to a site on the web that looks like it is a mail order movie site. It shows a picture that appears to be cover art for a disk, and that picture includes N!xau. I've sent them e-mails, but so far no response. The URL of the site is www.yc114.net/sdyfk.htm. (And the site now appears to be down, but it still listed on Google/Yahoo.) I don't even know what language the site is in, I think it's in Chinese but I couldn't read it even if my computer would display it. The site is owned by a person in China.

    This is supposed to be a picture of the jacket of the movie. I cannot read what the type on the picture says because of both the language and the small size. But it does look like a picture of N!xau and the smaller pictures on the cover seem to show scenes that I don't recognize from other movies.

I have no idea if the movie is in VCD or DVD format. Or indeed if it might be something entirely different.

The machine translated copy next to this picture says:

"Goodwill Laobosi always live, but since the United Nations peacekeeping force in his small shop near the station, he brought a series of trouble, he and his indigenous friends, decided to deal with for selling giant silver and stole cattle Commander of the United States, to hunting antelope Dutch soldiers, trying to acquire pieces of Japanese soldiers, the famous Australian soldiers, and stupid Arab soldiers. However, the Swiss team that the original beauty is the most formidable one. Adapted from case stories of rehabilitated part of the film, and live performances by some actors, is a distinguished Comedy Great comedy."

Here's another machine translation from the Chinese of a review of the movie:

"Cague Lao Bosi has madding crowd, but since the United Nations peacekeeping forces in his small shop near the station, gave him a series of troubles, he and his Aboriginal friend, decided to join forces to deal with giant silver for selling stolen cattle and the U.S. commanders, want to hunt antelope Dutch soldiers. Do everything possible to obtain the horns of the Japanese soldiers, lecherous Australian soldiers, and stupidity of the Arab soldiers. ?But the original beauty of the Swiss medical team who is the most difficult one. Part of the film taken from a real life story, and there are some roles performed by a real person, is a great comedy Comedy outstanding.

If any of you know anything more about this or any other Japanese or any other movie starring N!xau, please let me know. If you read Chinese, what does the web site yc114.net say?
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